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Mount Wutai - Shanxi

Mount Wutai, situated in the northeast of Shanxi province, is one of the four famous mountains of Buddhism in China.

There are five lofty peaks on Mount Wutai, namely Northern Peak of Yedou, Eastern Peak of Viewing the Sea, Western Peak of Hanging Moon, Southern Peak of Charm and Middle Peak of Green Rock. The highest peak is Peak of Yedou which is 3.058 m above sea level.

There are altogether 58 temples on Mount Wutai. The most famous are Temple of Pagoda Courtyard, Temple of Revealing Comprehension, Temple of Statue of Manjusri, Temple of Luohou and Temple of Bodhisattva. The temples have distinctive styles and are the essence of Chinese ancient architecture.

Mount Wutai is where Buddhist rites of Bodhisattva Manjusri were performed.

Temple of Revealing Comprehension
Temple of Revealing Comprehension is the biggest temple with the longest history on Mount Wutai. Built in Han Dynasty, it is called the "Ancestral Temple".

Do you know?

There is a huge copper pot used to contain ten thousand people's meal in Temple of Bodhisattva. Can you imagine how big the pot is? It is said that after monks finished their meals, the rice crust left in the pot needed to be ploughed out by a strong ox!

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On Peak of Bodhisattva, there is a Hall of Dripping Water. The funny thing is that, no matter whether it is sunny or rainy, there is always rain dripping from the eaves of the hall. After a considerable period of time rows of trenches appear on the stone slates.
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